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Mera Society Chapter Eight ver. 4
    When morning came, Jaik felt eager little hands shaking him awake. It was so familiar that it made him smile.
    “You take so long to wake up,” Shay complained. The room was quite dim, and Shay’s hair was messy.
    “What time it is?” Jaik asked, checking for a watch or alarm clock before remembering that they were of no use in mera territory.
    “Before sunrise,” Shay smiled. “I like to wake up early every day so I never have to readjust for school days. And if I get up early enough, the sunrise chamber is my reward.” She beamed with all the enthusiasm of a child.
    “That’s actually a good idea,” Jaik admitted. “Is this also to see a certain female when your dad isn’t awake?”
    “No,” Shay replied. &
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Rainbow Rose Part 4
Tianna was beginning to feel a little dizzy, and it wasn’t just from the dancing (although dancing in slow circles was beginning to get a little tiresome). No, it was because she knew that everyone was watching her.
“Princess,” Jeff murmured, placing his warm hand firmly on her upper back just beneath her wings. “Are you okay?”
“No,” she admitted, blushing. “I’m feeling a bit… scared, I guess. Is it possible to get stage fright even after being in the spotlight for most of the night?”
“Yes,” her date confirmed, and nuzzled her. Tianna drew back as his neck rubbed against hers.
“Woah there,” she frowned. “Settle down there, boy. Dad’d probably hurt you if you tried anything with me.”
“Is he seeing this?” Jeff wondered. Tianna checked the bond and immediately blushed. The room began to feel hotter- had someone turned the heating up? W
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Mera Society Chapter Seven ver. 4
    Sam led Jaik back into town and past the shops in the town square. Jaik made a habit of checking the colours of the awnings just in case he had to fly, but otherwise he enjoyed the scenery. When he saw the fresh graffiti, Sam looked away from it quickly after reading it.
    “I don’t judge you for what others write about you,” Jaik assured him, seeing that the Prince was trembling and refusing to make eye contact with him.
    “Of course,” Sam sighed, relief tingeing his voice. “You’re the first one who came here who didn’t automatically judge me from what others say.”
    “My owner taught me well,” Jaik smiled, though he saddened a little at the fact that she’d been reduced to that status.
    “Your going rogue wasn’t on purpose, was it?” Sam guessed.
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Mera Society Chapter Six ver. 4
    Jaik went back to bed when Shay did even though he wasn’t exactly tired, and woke up just as she was about to head off to school.
    “Good morning. I’d take you on a tour of the town but mum said I have to go to school,” she pouted when he walked into the main area of the cave where Ash was just finishing up a braid in Shay’s hair.
    “That’s okay,” Jaik shrugged. “I’m sure your mum can do a good enough job of that. And when you get home from school, you can still tell me all about your day and what you’ve learned.”
    “Exactly,” Ash confirmed, flashing a grin of triumph at her daughter. “Now run off to school and learn something you can tell Jaik when you get home.”
    “Alright. B
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Mera Society Chapter Five ver. 4
    Jaik trembled as rain pounded down on his pink scales. His glow was so black as to make him seem almost invisible, and he sobbed quietly with his head in his mud-covered hands while his body curled up close to the ground. His feet sank into the sticky mud of the backyard at Hannah’s father’s house, and the chill crept into his bones.
    “Yes, you should be miserable,” his sister snapped at him. He cringed away from her glare as she stood with her best friend who’d convinced her to start treating him like the pet he was. In this world, Hannah’s mother didn’t exist.
    “I’m a fire mera, you know we should never be in the rain,” Jaik tried to remind her, but all that came out were a series of growls and yips.
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Mature content
Mera Society Chapter Four ver. 4 :iconxxburgiexx:XxBurgiexX 0 0
Mera Society Chapter Three ver. 4
    As Jaik and Ash walked out of the cave they’d just watched the sunrise in, Jaik felt a whole lot lighter. It was as if a great weight that he hadn’t even been aware of had been lifted off his shoulders or like all of his sadness had been pushed out by the happy, warm rays of the rising sun. Ash looked much the same, walking with more of a bounce in her step now. Her tail, which he now noticed had a swirling purple pattern on it, twirled around her legs almost unconsciously. It looked very pretty.
    “Apparently that feels better if you’re a plant mera but as it was, it was wonderful. I never get tired of it,” she beamed, and ruffled his hair with a hand.
    “I agree,” he laughed, and finally stopped walking with her once they’d reached the lounge room.
    “So now that you’r
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Mera Society Chapter Two ver. 4
    When Jaik woke up the next morning, he saw darkness through small gaps in the ceiling. The rock was quite cool, and he estimated it to be around the early hours of the morning. What could possibly have woken him? He had no idea but he was suddenly more awake than ever.
    When he sat up in bed and stretched, he caught a glimpse of dark brown on his hands. It looked a lot like dried blood, and a flick of his forked tongue on one of his claws proved this to be true. He had blood on his hands! Had he killed someone? Something? Had he left some poor animal without a family or a poor human without a family or a family without a pet or other family member? Shaking, he got to his feet and ran, whining, out of the cave he’d woken in and out to the large room that he’d decided was the lounge room. There, he stopped suddenly at the sight of a large male mera sitting on a stone couch with Ash, the scene lit by strange white-glowing s
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Mera Society Chapter One ver. 4
    The white light that woke Jaik turned quickly to orange in his utter confusion as he woke up in what could only be a cave. He recognised the smell from exploring in them when he was younger. But this cave was definitely not like one of the small ones he’d explored in the rocky area surrounding the town he’d grown up in. He felt so very, very lost. And also, as he woke up, other bodily needs that needed to be taken care of. His stomach growled as if to accentuate this point.
    “Where did you take me, Hannah?” he mumbled.
    The last thing he remembered was falling asleep in the bed he had at her mother’s house, so he figured that she must have taken him on a holiday that they left early in the morning for. His mind felt fuzzy, and he wondered just where on earth his human ‘sister’ was. Shrugging off his wonderings, Jaik concentrated until the ever-p
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Mera Society Prologue ver. 4
    The white glow was a good thing. It meant that he was alive.
    Outside it was dark, but as usual the weather was pleasant. There had been a run of that good weather this spring. There was barely a cloud in the star-speckled sky, yet the moon shone down on a very sad scene: a girl, standing in a hayshed beside the unconscious form of a mera she’d always seen as her little brother. All meras were seen as lesser than humans and used in degrading ways such as pets, slaves, and even prostitutes in the seedier parts of towns. But he had been her equal, only a pet on paper.
    The girl’s chest and neck were bandaged, and her arm was in a sling. The hayshed was lit by the pale moonlight but also by the white glow coming from her brother.
    She stared at him sadly, trying to remember all of his features because she knew she’d never see him again. His hair, a light ging
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Mera Magic Prologue
    Lyra stood outside the blocky stone prison that her mother was encased in and flexed her claws. She closed her eyes and reached out for the familiar feeling of her flowered vines, smiling when she found them. She opened her eyes and could see the almost spidery shadows her vines cast on the moonlit wall.
    “Lyra?” Her smile grew into a grin at the sound of her mother’s voice.
    “Yeah, mum, it’s me. Who else would it be with flowery vines?” she asked, moving a vine over the small grate at the top of her prison. She felt a hand brush the vine lovingly, in the same way that her mother could feel if her vines were touched.
    “Where have you been the last few days?” Pandora wondered.
    “I’ve been working on a way to break you out,” Lyra replied in a grin. She reached out to the thicker vi
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Mature content
Hunger :iconxxburgiexx:XxBurgiexX 1 0
Castle of Glass Chapter 14
Turbo knew what sleeping was like, and this was definitely not sleeping. He found himself in a place devoid of light, with the only sounds muffled. It almost sounded like people screaming while someone else roared at them.
“Hello?” he called. He tried to take a step forward, but the place didn’t have any gravity either. It was like the code room. He moved himself around but still couldn’t see a damn thing. Instead he swam forward, looking for some kind of a wall to anchor himself. Who knew how long he could float around, or how far?
Some uncountable amount of time later, Turbo heard a rumbling voice. He recognised that voice- it was the huge oaf who hung around with Vanellope.
“It was Gene,” the big voice said. Whatever the reply was was muffled. How come Ralph’s voice broke through the fog? Probably, he reasoned, because it was so much bigger.
He caught his name, and felt... something. Was it a kiss on his forehead? And then Ralph laughed. The
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Castle of Glass Chapter 13
Turbo sat on the edge of Felix’s bed, holding a coconut cookie (specially requested and baked by Mary) in his hand. Skittles snapped at it, but he kept it out of reach of the silly candy unicorn.
At last, the game day ended and Felix walked in as the lights in the game dimmed.
“Turbo!” Felix greeted him. “You’re back early.”
“Hardly surprising,” Turbo huffed. “Thought you of all people wouldn’t be surprised by that, Felix.”
“Now, why so glum?” Felix asked as he sat on the bed beside him. Turbo crushed the cookie in his hand.
“I don’t know what I’m feeling!” Turbo groaned. He leaned over and clutched at Felix, leaving cookie crumbs on his shirt.
“Did something happen with Vanellope? Did you have a fight?” Felix guessed. Turbo laughed, a harsh, bitter sound.
“Oh yes, of course we had a fight.” He glared at the ground. “And then I found out something that mad
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Mature content
School Daze :iconxxburgiexx:XxBurgiexX 1 0
A Great Feast
On what in the human world would be Christmas day, Hannah was awoken by three very excited children and her mate.
“C’mon, mum, it’s the start of the Reunion Festival,” Knight urged.
“Alright, I’m getting up,” Hannah laughed. She opened her eyes and blinked blearily at the three children on top of her. Amber couldn’t even walk yet, so it didn’t take much thinking to figure out that Josephine had carried her to the bed.
Once Hannah was up, the whole family walked out of the bedroom and into the lounge room where the tree was. More importantly, it was where the presents were. Millie was already out there waiting for them. While Hannah and Josephine sat near the tree, their three children sat in a line in front of them with Damian supporting his partly-human twin sister.
“Okay, kids, time for presents!” Hannah declared. All four of them squealed with delight. She reached under the tree and withdre
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Wow, I haven't made a journal entry here in a long time. Time's just flown by, really. I finished Mera War and then let it sit, intending to go back and edit it one day. That one day still has not come yet. But I'll try to find or make time when this university semester finishes in a week and a bit. So anyway, disregarding the editing process, I got started on Mera World where Jaik and Sam travel the word trying to fix things for meras. I really need to finish editing Mera Magic too, so everyone can read it and know what the hell I'm going on about. Also so I can talk about things without giving away spoilers. I just don't want to put the rough draft up here, at least not until I've gone over it to see if there's any inconsistencies or spelling errors (Mera War had so many that Word stopped picking up on them). As soon as I finish these last two assignments for the semester, I'll be free to write and edit to my heart's content.

I also saw Age of Ultron and I really enjoyed it :) It had a lot of humour in it, and now I want to see it again. Partly because I missed the first five minutes of it. I saw it with mum and my sisters for mother's day so that was nice. We were going to see Pitch Perfect 2 but the tickets were all sold out so now we're going to see it when I'm home again. I like how Ultron was so much like his father (I know Tony created him as a program but still).

I'm reading Shadow Scale (the second book in the Seraphina series by Rachel Hartman) and it's interesting. First gay characters, now trans ones. Not something you'd expect to find in a fantasy novel, huh? :) One of the cultures in it has a language based on learning a person's preferred pronouns first so I like that. On the subject of books, a while ago I read Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell and loved it. It was really good at making me feel good and then making me weep for the characters. And to think I only picked it up because I thought the idea of trading mix-tapes was adorable. I also read Doctor Sleep by Stephen King and damn, what a follow-up to The Shining. That ending was beautiful too. And I read some really thick Bryce Courtenay novels that I liked including his last one. Seeing characters crawl out of the mess they're born into and become better people is really nice.

For my detective fiction class I had to read several novels including one of Agatha Christie's Poirot ones. Consider me a fan :lol: I'll find and read them all someday. Cop Hater by Ed McBain was pretty good too, even if my teacher did call it trashy. Snarky characters are the best.

Damn it's cold here. Go away cold weather, it's not winter yet. Feel like I live at bloody Winterfell. Not the wall though, it's not that cold. Yet.
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